Contact Information

I work with Dr. Erik Katsavoundis and the LIGO data analysis group. My primary research interests include, but are not limited to:
– Detect and characterize GW sources
– EM follow-up of GW sources
– Understand GW detectors
Currently, I’m working on calculating the joint significance of GRB and GW coincident events and developing a machine learning framework for coherent GW detection and parameter estimation.
Outside of physics, my favorite fun activities are playing video games, soccer, ultimate frisbee, boxing, weight lifting, rock climbing, urban exploring, and all forms of street dancing (I’m an amateur b-boy or breakdancer).
Ask me about: traveling, break dance, karaoke, Asian food, my five dogs, Boston, Vietnam.”
Keys: LIGO, Gravitational radiation & Strong gravity, Compact objects, GW detection, High-Performance Computing, Supernovae, Neutron Stars & Black Holes