Contact Information

I am a post-doctoral scholar at MIT Kavli Institute since May 2019. From 2010-2017 I was an Assistant Professor in Physics at St. Joseph’s College, India; I also completed my Ph.D from University of North Bengal and Raman Research Institute, India during this period. Thereafter, I was a post-doctoral scholar at Penn State University where I majorly contributed to building software/algorithms for the next generation mission ATHENA.

I have extensive experience in data analysis from X-ray satellites like Suzaku, XMM, Chandra, NuSTAR, Swift and, ASTROSAT. My research interests mostly revolve around timing and spectral analysis of neutron stars – both isolated and in binary systems – and their transient behavior. For my post doctoral work here at MIT, my primary focus will be on stellar wind diagnostics of OB stars and cool stars with the help of the high resolution spectra from Chandra/HETG.

Research Projects