Contact Information

I am a fifth-year graduate student working in the MIT LIGO Lab under Professor Matthew Evans. I am interested in improving the sensitivity of gravitational-wave detectors, especially through the reduction of quantum noise with frequency-dependent squeezing, as well as next-generation designs and technologies. I am also interested more generally in the interplay between quantum mechanics and the supreme displacement-sensing of gravitational-wave detectors.

Selected publications:
– Chris Whittle et al. “Approaching the motional ground state of a 10-kg object” Science, 372(6548):1333–1336, 2021
– L. McCuller, C. Whittle, D. Ganapathy, K. Komori, et al. “Frequency-Dependent Squeezing for Advanced LIGO” Phys. Rev. Lett., 124:171102, Apr. 2020
– Chris Whittle, Kentaro Komori, Dhruva Ganapathy, Lee McCuller, et al. “Optimal detuning for quantum filter cavities” Phys. Rev. D, 102:102002, Nov. 2020
– Kentaro Komori, Dhruva Ganapathy, Chris Whittle, Lee McCuller, et al. “Demonstration of an amplitude filter cavity at gravitational-wave frequencies” Phys. Rev. D, 102:102003, Nov. 2020
– Salvatore Vitale and Chris Whittle. “Characterization of binary black holes by heterogeneous gravitational-wave networks” Phys. Rev. D, 98:024029, Jul. 2018

Research Areas and Instrumentation